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Studio is at the heart of it all

Brooks Stevens is equipped with the latest tools and technology. Our team of designers, engineers, business strategists and technicians are ready to handle projects of any scale.

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Making things is what we do:

  • Visual Models (looks like)
  • Functional Models (works like)
  • Pre-Production Runs (looks like/works like)
  • Prototype Capabilities - Metal Fabrication MIG, TIG, and Acetylene Welders CNC Machining
  • Full-Function Prototypes - Silicone Molding, Urethane Parts, Casting, Vacuum Forming, Rotational Molding and more.
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A great environment

Certain work can be done on a teams call while other situations call for people to come together and collaborate.

Event space with enough room to host 100 people and present in real time.

Collaboration workspaces for smaller groups to come together.