Illuminated Bedside CT

The Challenge

Medical Device design demands attention to ergonomic detail for a wide range of users including technicians and patients. Samsung NeuroLogica’s portable CT scanner, the OmniTom was no exception. A continuation of a previous NeuroLogica/Brooks Stevens collaboration, the OmniTom is a 16-slice CT scanner that delivers the highest quality computed tomography at the point-of-care. The design had to be approachable for patients, and ergonomic and intuitive for technicians. The product was to deliver scans at the patients' bedside, thereby eliminating the need to transfer patients to the hospital's Radiology Department. A key aspect of the project was maneuverability -- one technician needed to be able to move the scanner which weighs over 1,000 pounds.

The Solution

The OmniTom is the world’s first CT scanner to deliver high-quality CT scans at the patients’ bedside. It exemplifies ease-of-use and consideration of human factors. The patient experience is all about comfort. The design includes consideration for a range of body sizes, and a blue LED light pipe that serves to illuminate and calm. The technician experience is all about ease-of-use. The adjustable interface display and stowable handles are optimized for ergonomics. Power-assisted steering, omni-directional wheels, and cable management allow for easy transport. The user-interface provides intuitive control. The OmniTom took Bronze in the “Radiological, Imaging, and Electromechanical Devices” category of the Medical Design Excellence Awards competition. Brooks Stevens provided Design Research, Industrial Design, Prototyping, and 3D Surfacing.

Concept sketches describe design features early-on.

Renderings communicate design decisions for stakeholder review.