Workers on roof trusses

The Challenge

Developed to aid in the installation of roofing trusses, the Ridgerunner is a product that saves time and money, while also increasing safety and comfort for the worker. Roofing trusses are currently installed by several people and a crane – a labor intensive and potentially dangerous job. Using a pair of Ridgerunners, with both hands free and all necessary tools, trusses are now put in place by a single person working at the truss peak. The fabricated aluminum Ridgerunner straddles the truss, held in place by nails which were set in place while the trusses were stacked on the ground. The construction worker working at the peak, known as the truss monkey, can now work hands free safely and securely.

The Solution

The Ridgerunner satisfies a long-standing but newly recognized need in the construction market. In the process of increasing worker comfort and safety, it also increases time efficiency and saves money – making it attractive to both the direct user, and the foreman or company owner. The honest design maximizes the strengths of both the materials and the manufacturing processes associated with them and leverages those strengths to create a high-performance, durable product with a distinct aesthetic and brand identity.

International Design Excellence Award Winner - Gold

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