The team used the client knowledge as a foundation, and then completed market research that led to a huge field of options. Discerning which would be the best path forward was determined by market need and core product offering.

The world of overlanding and aftermarket accessorizing leads to a wide array of diverse solutions to common storage and mounting needs. With this project, it was important that the accessories become the reason that the light system sells.

Customer Understanding

An understanding of market trends is only the beginning. To design meaningful products that solve the needs of the customer, you must understand how the product is used, the environment, the user pain points, and much more.

Rapid Development

The team worked quickly from sketch to model to low fidelity prototype to rendering to final CAD model for a myriad of accessories to prep for the product launch. Utilizing a slimline process to support Quick-to-Market development, the team moved quickly through the design and refinement of various accessories.