Lunar Prodigy and iDXA


Lunar iDXA

"Brooks Stevens worked with Lunar Corporation to develop the first Bone Densitometer of its kind in the late 1990's. Named "Prodigy", this new densitometer used low dosage, pencil beam precision, and fan beam speed. We remained engaged with Lunar through GE's acquisition, and helped further develop this unique device into the iDXA platform that you see today."
-- George Konstantakis
President / CEO
Lunar Prodigy and iDXA

Definition & Discovery

Mindful of technology, space and facility installation requirements, Brooks Stevens evaluated patient and technician human factors to uncover congnitive and workflow insights particular to this brand new product category for Lunar Corporation. Using visual concept boards and simple, full-size mockups, we discovered ways to mutually benefit patient and technician while minimizing material, part count and complexity.





Lunar Prodigy and iDXA


Armed with real, qualitative data, the Brooks Stevens team of designers and engineers brought forth concepts that addressed insights discovered; showing Lunar how elegance can be achieved without sacrificing functional requirements, ergonomics, aesthetics or cost. At the end of the Exploration stage, Brooks Stevens had created a platform of densitometers positioned for non-clinical as well as the originally targeted hospital and clinical markets.





Lunar Prodigy and iDXA

Evaluation & Refinement

To evaluate assumptions against requirements, Brooks Stevens engineers and model makers brought life to the concepts. We produced all of the engineering documentation, performed DFMEA's, structural and kinematic simulations. We built semi-functional, full-scale prototypes in our model shop. Though the x-ray system was not included, most of the other mechanicals were. We learned from the first round, refined the necessary systems, and re-evaluated. We engaged with contract production manufacturers at this stage to assist Lunar with pending commercialization.




Lunar Prodigy and iDXA


When Lunar launched the original Prodigy, they had limited production and supply chain knowledge. Brooks Stevens found and vetted the right suppliers, provided a full production engineering package including CAD, drawings, BOM, simulation and test results, and acted as liaison between Lunar and the production supply chain. The Prodigy became the standout densitometer in the industry.





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