Industrial Design

You have an idea of what you need from your newest product, but how does it look? What color is it? What features does it have? What shape is it?

These questions are answered by an industrial designer. Brooks Stevens was founded back in 1934 on its industrial design capabilities, and to this day we provide an array of product design services for our clients.

IDEAtion Workshops

The industrial design process begins at Brooks Stevens with an IDEAtion workshop. These interactive brainstorming sessions are used to exchange ideas before the designers get to work. Creatives, engineers, and clients are encouraged to interact and share their varying viewpoints and ideas. After this workshop, the industrial designers have both a clear understanding of the task at hand, and several viable ideas to explore throughout the product design process.

Engineering Collaboration

In order for an industrial design to be successful, they need to be made with the end-product in mind. At Brooks Stevens, industrial designers and mechanical engineers work side-by-side, often evaluating the design from the viewpoint of both parties. Product design engineers can identify problematic areas in the design early, saving client money by making small, but efficient, changes.

Product Styling

Industrial designers of the past have often been saddled with a stereotype that they create designs that are beautiful, but impossible to produce. Brooks Stevens’ industrial design team, on the other hand, works with the end-product in mind. They create product styling designs that are not only beautiful, but also practical, adhering to the product design standards needed by each party involved, from engineering to marketing.

Ergonomic Design

Brooks Stevens industrial designers often conduct ergonomic assessments of existing products to determine if they can be improved in future uses. Ergonomic design is often tested in early prototyping phases, to see how products will feel in the hands of customers.

In addition, Brooks Stevens provides the following Industrial Design and Graphic Design services:

  • Animation
  • Brand and Logo Development
  • Graphics and Packaging Design
  • System Architecture
  • UI and UX Design

Ready to embark on an industrial design project with Brooks Stevens? Contact us to learn what product design services we can provide for you.