Our Process

Evaluation & Refinement

Value-to-cost optimization requires that a product's life meet with the human desire or legislative encouragement to buy new.  Fuel-optimized vehicles work this way.  The progression toward lighter mobile devices works this way.

Simply, Buyers do not reward manufacturers when a feature-obsolete product lasts longer than necessary, because both could have avoided added cost. Only decades-long experience with these predictive tools can optimize your new product:

  • Concept Refinement (defining true form, fit, and function)
  • Revised, Detailed Cost Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis (Multibody Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Initial DFMEA, QFD
  • Prototyping (with near or true design-intent materials and dimensions)
  • Functional Testing
  • Validation Research
  • Weekly Design Reviews

Many firms claim familiarity with these capabilities.  Brooks Stevens lives with them.  Call us to assure that your product receives the proper optimization.

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