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Michael Hopkins

President and CEO

Our nimble size is one reason our team consistently delivers excellent programs. We are able to push design in our creative collective due to our familiarity with each other and our clients.

Just like our founder, Brooks, I am an active presence in most programs from start to finish. I see it as essential to our value proposition to build deep understanding of our clients' business cases, which is why I enjoy participating in the initial conversations about prospective programs.

My background as a program manager, strategist, and futurist have guided my intuition around what it might take and who to engage to turn your idea into a market success. I neither pretend nor aspire to have all the answers, but I typically know what and who to ask.

Use this form to reach me directly and I will contact you to schedule our first call or meeting. Yes, it would be nice to see my schedule from this page, but I promise I will see your note and follow up during a gap in my day.

The first step is hitting the send button! Let's have a great conversation.

- Mike

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