As designers and engineers it is important to continue the exploration of newer and better ways of approaching any challenge. Here are a few insights we'd like to share with you.
Brooks Stevens
BSI’s designers and engineers are nuts. For fun, they instituted a design challenge to test their ability to solve simple problems in creative ways.  The first competition challenged our employees to defy gravity and slow a ½” hex nut as it fell from an 18’ drop.  Everyone was provided with the same (limited) materials. The first-prize winner employed biomimicry of a maple seed and a potential “enhanced flick”.
Joe Knutson
3D printing has come a long way in recent years – with low cost on-demand printing services like Shapeways available to everyone, DIY open source printer kits going for $600 (or even less), and steady progress in the professional sector, it’s easy to forget what it was like before we could just send a file out and have a unique physical part within hours.  The kinds of things that this enables are really pretty remarkable, and they extend well beyond the realm of typical product design...
Brooks Stevens
Brooks Stevens, Inc is known for user-centric new product development and product design.  Our Researchers, Designers, Engineers and Model-Makers roll up their sleeves and immerse themselves in our clients’ product and in the lives of the end-user.  Often times, our team becomes the end-user to truly experience a product’s use, form and function.  Attending construction cab driving school, using power tools, laying on exam tables, applying lip balm, walking with rollators, and...