Headline: Approach
Plan, Idea, Design, Develop, Launch

Our Goal: Make products that thrive in the market

Taking a business-first approach demands that we deeply understand the market opportunity for your idea. Successful products are designed with the needs, goals, pains, and experiences of its customers in mind throughout the development and production lifecycle.

We practice a highly-collaborative and highly-iterative approach to identify and prioritize customer needs to give everyone the best opportunity to land a success in the market.

Once we understand the challenge and opportunity, we can identify the best path forward while leveraging agility through constant learning.

Our Advantage: A small, experienced, highly-skilled team

We often hear clients say that we move faster and produce a more creative, robust, and thoughtful product than they expect. It speaks to our capabilities as a nimble, creative collective with deep expertise.

Case Study: The Allenton Knife

This in-house continuous improvement program was an engaging effort to document and test our process on a Brooks-branded product that would be produced in small batches.

Market Summary: The everyday-carry knife (EDC) is a common product in a mature market. Some premium brands have an established and loyal following, while others pursue aspirational positioning with high-end price points.

Product Strategy: Personalization and customization could differentiate the product and drive design decisions. Key benefits of blade sharpness, durability, and comfort were considered table stakes, which pushed our design toward aesthetics and ergonomics.

Creative Process: The workflow board below shows how we learned about the market, the needs of everyday-carry owners, and how we explored and refined the design.

We ultimately produced a small series of this knife for our clients, friends, and families. Let us know if you're interested in becoming an owner of one of these exclusive knives!

3D Printed Knife Prototypes
Allenton Knife approach details
3D Printed Knives

3D-printed concepts in design phase

High-fidelity Renderings of Knives

High-fidelity renderings in refinement phase

CAD Knife Assembly

Final product parts expansion in development phase