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Evolution Revolution®  



Allenton Knife

A key deliverable for this project was to document our design methods. Since most of our programs are confidential, we haven’t been able to share the details of really great work. A major part of this scope was to show our strengths and identify gaps for continuous improvement. 
PERSONALIZATION FOR EVERYONE A major project driver was for user customization. Processes chosen for part creation had personalization in mind. Multiple materials with a wide variety of appearances and feels were explored for scales, body, triggers, and blades. 

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Industrial Design


At Brooks Stevens, industrial design is more than styling. 

We believe the products we work on should be constructed thoughtfully, formed with the user in mind, draw inspiration from the future, and infused with the latest technology. 

Designing great products is an honor we take great pride in, and live up to the legacy of our founder who formed the industry.





Our product engineers are masterminds at bringing the entire process together, by translating concepts into manufacturable reality. 

Working closely with our in-house industrial designers or client design teams, they create a plan to bring your product to life. Our product engineers are imbedded with industrial design, creating a smooth transition between disciplines, ensuring design intent will be maintained within the best engineering and manufacturing practices.



Business development


Designing great products requires a complete understanding of their impact to the business. 

Establishing a successful business case is a key part of the product design process. As our founder said, "I am a businessman, an engineer and a stylist, in that order." We take this holistic approach into every engagement; as we strive to understand how new products will help our clients achieve their business goals.


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Brooks Stevens Legacy Projects

A brief colletion of work done in early years of Brooks Stevens 80+ years of design.

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